As your local school board trustee, I will work tirelessly on behalf of all Halton students. I will support and visit Ward 1 and 2 Oakville schools in an ongoing way, and assist families in finding education resources and navigating through our local system. For the latest activities of the Board, please visit www.hdsb.ca.

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Tour for Humanity

Eastview hosted the Tour for Humanity today.  “This mobile classroom was designed to inspire and empower people to raise their voices and take action against hate and intolerance.”  www.tourforhumanity.com

10 Feb 15 Tracey


I, Tracey Ehl Harrison, do solemnly declare that I am not disqualified under any Act from being a member of the Halton District School Board. I will truly, faithfully, impartially and to the best of my ability execute the office of trustee, and that I have not received and will not receive any payment or […]

04 Dec 14 Tracey

Idea #27!

It’s great to leave the comfort zone, push personal boundaries, take on new challenges, face uncertainty and know that no matter the result, things will be better than before.

27 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #26!

“Gratitude is a magnifying glass.”  I am grateful for elections, how they ignite communities to talk about issues and create solutions, the diversity of opinion  and the ability to choose what’s best for your family.  Be an informed voter.  Take the opportunity to vote tomorrow!

26 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea $25!

If we dream of raising children full of integrity, creativity, passion and curiousity, the adults in their lives must lead by example.

25 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea 24!

The internet is a tool for good or evil.  Boards, schools and families have to stay in the game to help our students foster healthy habits online.  We have to be engaged and aware, despite constant changes in “what’s in” so we can harness the goodness.

24 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #23!

Schools and School Boards must look both inwards and outwards to build connections so that students are engaged in discussion, asking questions and exploring solutions about local, national and global social and environmental challenges.

23 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #22!

Use tolerance to talk across divides & “create fresh solutions to stale problems”.   (the part in quotes is something I heard today and really appreciated.)  

22 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #21!

All input made to the HDSB should be welcomed, valued and responded to in a timely way.  Building a collaborative atmosphere could make the hard decisions less hard.

21 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #20!

The tone, process and reach of communication are as important as the message itself.  Positive, proactive and inclusive communication builds relationships and community.

20 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #19!

“Replace fear of the unknown with curiousity.”  Wouldn’t this be great for one and all?  Thank you again George Couros & PIC I learned alot!

20 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #18!

This idea is brought to you by George Couros, keynote speaker at the PIC Conference for Parents:  “The most important thing we do in schools is relationships.”  Thank you George Couros&PIC.  I learned alot!

18 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea 17!

Elections are a process that strengthens communities, builds resilience, identifies & ignites action on ideas & dreams that have been unrealized.

17 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea 16!

Develop and promote a central “best practices portal” for info sharing and to leverage community expertise and resources.  There are many fantastic local organizations that have resources and person power to support our local schools.

16 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea 15!

Some days seem longer than others.  Imagine how long those days look for a struggling student.  A compassionate, flexible and pragmatic team environment can positively change lives.

16 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #14!

The Precautionary Principle is important for education and decision making.  It’s a collective  responsibility to ask questions, especially since there are often competing scientific findings and new studies may show new outcomes.  Determining acceptable levels of risk are an important shared burden for our communities.

14 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea 13!

Work with Town, NGOs and our community to promote and expand active and safe routes to school.  Walking and riding rock!

13 Oct 14 Tracey


I am thankful for family, friends, health, democracy, education & peace in our community, local farms and farmers & our natural environment.  I am thankful for the opportunity to build and participate in positive change.

12 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #11!

The Seventh Generation Principle, originating from The Great Law of Iroquois Confederacy holds truth for education decisions we make today.  Our actions or inactions today can profoundly affect our students, their children, and generations to come.  

11 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #10!

Face to face interaction helps all of us to own our ideas and actions and build solid, trusting and caring relationships.  When we are facing someone, it is a little harder to be nasty and we build some great skills like problem solving, communication, self moderation and build our resiliency. Canada.ca/StopHatingOnline

10 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #9!

Solid and current data, understanding barriers and figuring out a way over them, knowing who does what and the regulatory framework, paired with diverse community wisdom (including our most vulnerable members) and bold vision = solutions that are owned and can be implemented.

09 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #8!

Proactively push communications out to people. Cut out frustration from the long search for info and give the information needed to participate in a meaningful way.

08 Oct 14 Tracey


Create vibrant communities by reducing poverty. Thank you Halton Poverty Roundtable for your actions!  Here is a sample of what they are doing in our community.  Halton Sport Leadership Program, Business Advisory Council, Smart Start Halton Canada Learning Bond Initiative, Halton Living Wage Campaign.

07 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #6!

Values based decision making moves people from positions and individual interests to more common ground, which can change the tone and outcomes of our education discourse.  Students first is a shared value we can build upon.

06 Oct 14 Tracey


Lets get moving and join in international walk to school week!  Biking is also a great choice.  This week is a mass celebration of active transportation and its related issues are used to introduce communities to the Active & Safe Routes to School (ASRTS) program. Visit http://www.saferoutestoschool.ca/.

06 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #4!

Create a forum (in person, online or both) for School Council Chairs to share ideas, resources, challenges and best practices.

04 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #3

Build an online repository where individuals and organizations could upload/deposit high school volunteer opportunities.  Students could search and respond to the ones that are of the most interest to them.

03 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea #2!

“Across Canada, schools and their communities are transforming their school environments using an innovative  approach called Rights Respecting Schools. The Rights Respecting Schools (RRS) initiative uses the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as a basis for building an inclusive and respectful school culture. Children’s rights form the foundation of a common set of values that create a […]

02 Oct 14 Tracey

Idea a day ’til election day!

October 1, tweet #1, post #1 and Idea #1! I’m launching “Idea a Day ’til Election Day”. Add yours too! Plant the seeds for collaboration and action. Btw, today’s idea is “idea of the day!”

02 Oct 14 Tracey