About Tracey


Tracey has lived in Oakville with her husband Doug and two children (and one Moose) since 2002. She is mother to one secondary aged student and one post secondary student. She is an award winning registered professional planner, a master public participation practitioner and a certified professional facilitator whose career has focused on environmental planning, communication and community engagement. She has a small consultancy based in Oakville, and currently has clients across southern Ontario. Tracey is a lifelong learner, currently working towards a PhD in Environment and Resource Management. She is currently facilitating a course in Land Resource Management at Wilfrid Laurier University, and completing a program to become a certified trainer.  She is a rookie community theatre and voice actor, poet and improv participant, an adventurer, cyclist and a long distance walker.  Tracey is an energetic community volunteer who was recently honoured with a Paul Harris Fellowship for service above self.

Board and Committee meetings are held each Wednesday evening, starting at 6:00 p.m.  During her first term as a Trustee, 2014-2018, some of the roles Tracey had include:

  • Co-Chair, Communications Committee
  • Co-Chair, Program and Accommodation Committee
  • Member, Equity and Inclusive Education Committee
  • Member, ICT and Innovation Committee
  • Member, Drug Use in Schools Working Group
  • Member, Supervised Alternative Learning Committee
  • Member, Fair Finances Working Group
  • Member, By-Law update Working Group
  • Member, Environmental Management Team
  • Chair and member of Suspension Appeals Committee
  • Member, Human Rights Symposium Working Group
  • Member, Halton Learning Foundation Benefit Bash Working Group
  • Member, Inspire Awards Working Group
  • Chair, South West Oakville Family of Schools
  • Chair, Director Performance Review

This year, Tracey was recognized by her peers who gave her to opportunity to act as Vice-Chair of the Board for 2017-2018.  Among other things, this means that she chairs Committee and Private Session Meetings, and gets a range of exciting opportunities like delivering the invocation at the annual Retirees Dinner.  Tracey recently completed a Parliamentary Procedures course to add to her knowledge of effective meeting processes.

More than a list of titles, there were actions implemented in the HDSB as a result of the work of these teams, including:  a new multi-year plan, an overhauled website and social media presence, new internet safety approach, new approach to French Immersion, Truth and Reconciliation action in each school, awareness campaign about HDSB funding, proposed new by-laws and policies, new Inspire Awards program to recognize people who provide great support to students, and banning of single use plastic bottles.  Tracey also started a local Family of Schools initiative, bringing together school councils in our area at least twice a year to learn about the other schools, exchange ideas and identify ways to collaborate.

Tracey is committed to helping families address issues.  She responds to all inquiries within 24 hours to provide information, suggestions and contacts to assist with problem solving.

Tracey is running an environmentally conscious campaign, reusing signs and distributing limited numbers of pamphlets on recycled stock, hosting a coffee house in a lovely local business, and talking to anyone and everyone who wants to talk about education.

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